Client Problem

A multitude of issues were plaguing Best Mattress online including their online branding, a poorly designed website lacking mobile responsiveness, low search visibility and web traffic, and the inability to sell their products online – all contributed to the fact that in 2020 Best Mattress could hardly attribute any value to their digital marketing efforts. With such a stellar reputation and incredible product, during a year that home furnishings were being sought out almost exclusively online – our agency knew there was a massive ongoing opportunity cost that Best Mattress could no longer afford to pay.

Project Objective

Our objective was simple – to design and build a fully custom website for Best Mattress. one that was commensurate with the hand crafted quality that the company was known for. We also sought to deliver a fully functional and search engine optimized e-commerce website that would drive traffic and revenue for the company.


Reviewing the original site we knew that we had to completely build the new website from the ground up – beginning to end. Our team began by developing a sitemap for the new site, then redeveloping the copy and information architecture for the website. Our agency then developed new wire-frames and flat designs that were later built into a website. Control Advertising also worked with the client to develop a custom video, new product images and descriptions, and for the first time ever – built a functional e-commerce website able to handle purchasing, financing, and shipping anywhere in the US.

Website Redesigned for Eccomerce

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Working closely with the team at Best Mattress, our agency developed the content necessary to build the custom ecommerce website in the most simplistic, yet high quality manner possible. The end results were a terrific marriage of simplistic minimalist design and the level of quality and professionalism that represented the brand appropriately.

During the process there were many obstacles including product images and the hurdle of building a true ecommerce website for the first time, however in the end the site was launched in a timely manner and the results were unbelievable. In the first two weeks after the website launched organic traffic increased over 1000% and the website saw more visitors than the prior 6 months! Our attention has now shifted to search marketing and online sales on the website.

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Modern Ecommerce designer

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Redesigned, Rewritten, Rebuilt

Our Charlotte based ecommerce website redesign specialists developed the new Best Mattress website with easy to navigate UX and UI design, while integrating new brand centric elements. One of the new elements added to the Best Mattress website is the opening video on the homepage. Filmed, edited, and written by Control Advertising talent, the new video adds a much more personal branded experience than any competitors are currently offering. The video gives insight into how your next mattress is being made [by hand by the way] and lets you the customer connect with the person hand stitching the seams of your new mattress. The new site also allows customers to make purchases for the site itself unlike the old Best Mattress website. The newly redesigned ecommerce pages also have their products pulled and featured in google snippets frequently due to the extensive SEO work incorporated in redesigning the website for ecommerce.