Client Problem

Located in South Park mall, Ivy Citizens was in direct competition with more established brands like Athleta, Lulu Lemon, and Fabletics. The retail front of Ivy citizens was in the luxury wing of the mall, leading to less foot traffic. Ivy citizens also faced an identity crisis specifically in target market, product, and corporate goals.

Project Objective

Determine a precise target market, focus the product offerings, and develop a poster to capture the iconic prints offered by the store and drive more foot traffic to the store itself. Reach their target market of women aged 30 - 40 with an annual income of well over $120,000 with 1 to 2 kids.


Create a detailed competitive analysis of competition in the South Park area who are in direct competition to Ivy Citizens and understand the inherent advantages Ivy Citizens holds. Create a partly print, partly social ad campaign that encapsulates the heavy South African influences of Amanda Laird Cherry, the brands designer.


Ivy citizens offered a unique luxury experience, and accommodated the fit of an older target market that has been strictly ignored by other women's athletic brands. Ivy Citizens being a local brand, the owner and designer could build connections on the floor with customers directly, creating an experience their franchised competitors simply cannot do. Having a single famous designer allowed for a more focused sense of style, and the ability to offer a larger variety in sizing rather than style. Competitors in the women's athletic space all targeted younger, and exclusively slim women. The retail space of Ivy Citizens was also meticulously designed by Amanda Laird Cherry, and featured a coffee / tap / wine bar, to build an experience over a simple retail purchase.

Poster design

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Graphic design / Print / Tagline

The case included 2 poster designs, one focusing a brighter coral color palette and one utilizing the dark blue of the brands highest selling legging color. The Pink poster is designed for a brighter look, utilizing angular lines to draw the eye to the type and legging patterns drawn across the poster. The blue poster utilizes the juxtaposition between the dark blue background and the white foreground creates an easy to read design, and the piece as a whole offers significant depth. The flowered background is the brands best selling print and is a comprised of flowers native to South Africa.

ivy citizens blue poster design framed
ivy citizens poster designer by control advertising graphic designers

social media Design

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laptop banner ad designed for ivy citizenssocial media designs made for ivy citizens

Graphic Design / Social media / Digital

Ivy Citizens after months in the mall decided to pivot to an eCommerce based transnational system. Converting the existing ad style to a banner ad sizing, while keeping the overall blank space to convey a sense of elegance was a challenge. The social media post designs were created With more energy in mind to catch the viewers attention, yet still convey a sense of elegance. The social media post also utilizes far more depth, between the angular lines and the background pattern add to the complexity of the design. The social media post are designed to be viewed for more time than the print poster designs.