Client Problem

Kan Jam's sales were suffering due to the start of the 2020 pandemic, Thus the brand needed a new campaign just in time for Christmas to boost sales and drive brand engagement.

Project Objective

Increase average weekly Kan Jam sales by 50% on an initial advertising budget of $20,000. Reach their primary target market of kids, trapped at home during the 2020 pandemic; and reaching their mothers specifically in the holiday ad that drops 3 months after the start of the project, at Christmas.


The developed campaign focused on creating consistent social content for Instagram and Tik Tok, capturing a younger audience initially, then reaching mothers with a wide reaching Holiday ad through Facebook and traditional advertising mediums.

Social Video Ad Design

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Target at Middle to High School Kids

The social media campaign was focused around consistent post designed to explain the rules of the game and drive a joking happy tone for the brand's voice. The campaign also utilized the creation of a Tik Tok challenge that lead was posted on both Instagram and Tik Tok. The formal video add created was brief to meet the shortening attention spans of the brands target market, and emphasis the fun of the game.

The Social Media ad specifically removes the mask that were prominent in the every day life during the pandemic. The people in the add are playing the game, giving high fives, and enjoying each others company without fear, something every kid wants to do but couldn't during the pandemic. This is meant to inspire positive feelings in the target market, while the game is fully safe to play within the pandemic social distancing guidelines and practices.

TV Ad DEsign

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Shifting The Target Market

The holiday 2020, Kan Jam ad was developed and directed with the intent to grab the attention of mothers over the holiday season instead of kids. The strategy being that Control Advertising's social media advertising videos and post had most likely already reached the younger target market, the kids. Then over the holiday once the kids have been exposed to Kan Jam weeks before the ad now hit the mother, to which she then decides to buy a Kan Jam to get the kids, and the whole family, more active during a global pandemic that has forced everyone to stay inside. You can view the full ad below.

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