Client Problem

New Forum had recently begun construction in a major project, Two Silver Crescent. As construction started New Forum needed collateral to pitch spaces within the building. Targeting larger firms, local to Charlotte, I encouraged the use of a sales booklet. With New Forum located just outside of the Charlotte area, arranging physical meetings, and utilizing an evoking sales booklet could be incredibly effective.

Project Objective

Inform leaders of business what Two Silver Crescent is and the benefits of moving their office to Steele Creek. Reach their target market of C-suite leaders who can make the decision to move their office space.


Design collateral reminiscent of modern magazines, implementing cross page spreads with pointed information. Magazines are thought of as a part of high society, associating the building with the iconography of a magazine will make Two Silver Crescent seem glamorous.

Magazine Design

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Advertising The Community To Sell Office Space.

This spread contrast the rest of the booklet in photography and tone, setting the scene of Arysley [ the town the office space resides in ] as idealistic. In designing the magazine, we wanted Steele Creek to be associated with a sense of calm, so we chose to represent Steele Creek as a serene escape from regular corporate life. We want the reader to envision having a hard day at the office to drive 5 minutes to a serene rural landscape.

first page of the new forum magazine designed by control advertising

A Magazine Designed To Sell

A major selling point of Two Silver Crescent is its proximity to the airport. So we paired iconography of the Charlotte Airport with an internally praised article on the movement of millennials from large cities to their smaller counter parts. This spread is a mix, its meant to show the airport an important mark for business leaders, and on the right page, to inform them of the perceived preferences of their workforce.

second page of the new forum magazine designed by control advertising

Not only an office space - a community  

Ayrsley is a major property owned by New Forum representing just how poignant Ayrsley is was incredibly important. Two Silver Crescent is located on the edge of Ayrsley, so all of the benefits of the town are a small walk from the front door of Two Silver Crescent. I wanted to show Ayrsley as a social center to contrast the serenity of Steele Creek.

third page of the new forum magazine designed by control advertising

Creative Logo Design

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the new new forum partners logothe orgional new forum logo

New Logo Versus The Old

New Forum, a property management company, seeks to diversify their streams of revenue. This in past has manifested as a construction company, Concorde Construction. After deep success in the construction market, New Forum is developing an acquisitions company to complement the offerings of the conglomerate's other sub-companies. Our objective was to develop a mark, that proves much more artistically deep and professionally developed than the multitude of competitors in the Steele Creek & Charlotte acquisitions market. The Client also requested the logo hold some similarity to the current New Forum logo [ Shown Below ].