Client Problem

SPX FLOW initiated a website redesign of their poorly aging website, originally built in the early 2000's. The global leader in the process solutions industry needed to modernize their digital presence to leverage the untapped potential of the growing digital market.

Project Objective

Design, develop, and manage the SPX FLOW website redesign. Implement SEO best practices while constructing and directing a precise lead generation strategy. Provide ROI on the project as a whole, detailing the increases in revenue and brand reach through digital channels.


Launch the new SPX FLOW website within 5 months of the projects start. Implement clear service, product, and capability pages within the site. Carefully construct a site that can effective reach the companies target market, through detailed keyword research and implementation.

Corporate website redesign

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Redesigned for SEO 

Redesigning the SPX FLOW website began with deciding on art direction and a efficient way to convert the content of the old sites 2000+ pages to the new design and strategy without losing any context.

A large part of redesigning the site was rebuilding it with intent, with a collective goal in mind. On this corporate website redesign project our team of SEO consultants and website designers had the ability to rebuild the website and design an effective strategy alongside it.

The design of SPX FLOW's corporate website redesign integrated SEO best practices from concise use of header structures, keyword research and implementation, the use of meta data, and consistent file naming schemas, all to help the redesigned site rank and ultimately reach a new digital market.

maintaining a successful website

After redesigning and rebuilding the corporate website, the site was launched in early February 2020. Post launch, our team helped set accurate and complex analytics into the site and overall digital strategy. Setting up google analytics, custom tags and analytics to track users and their buying journey through the site. This process gave SPX FLOW exact insight into the function and effectiveness of the website relaunch.

With a new site designed for SEO our website redesign specialists also created a strategy for continually cultivating new content for the site and developing a consistently growing website. This was achieved with the implementation of capabilities and a new blog section to the site, offering additional paths to info for users, adding the a customers level of trust in the brand.

SEO Consulting in Charlotte NC

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Building a corporate lead generation strategy 

Building a corporate SEO and lead generation strategy through our SEO consulting services was the easy part, implementing the strategy and ensuring its adherence across hundreds of employees working in and around the website on a daily basis was far more difficult.

To create a level of consistency our SEO consultants designed a number of workshops and presentations to teach and provide insight for the employees working on the site. Through several workshops we covered the strategy for the multiple digital channels, from proper use of social and integrating social campaigns with net new website content, to covering how to conduct detailed keyword research and how to effectively track success through analytics.

Intergrating New Digital Platforms

Our SEO consultants and website redesign specialist managed several large-scale digital platform integrations for SPX FLOW as well.

Our website redesign specialist developed a detailed "where to buy" tool for the company. Creating a solution for digital customers to find distributors in their area, through the use of a massive database of well over 200,000 different distributors compiled by our professionals. The new tool allowed for customers to convert directly on the site, providing a much more satisfyingly user experience.

Our charlotte based SEO consultants designed presentations and detailed instructions to reach SEO best practices for SPX FLOW's platinum corporate partners, the workshops included topics on SEO, social integration, mobile web design, and expanding analytics.
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The conclusion of the project had out SEO consultants detailing the customer journey through implementing and reading google analytics, tracking where inbound leads came from and which page they landed on, adding validity to our SEO work, and proving impressive return on investment.

stat graphic stating spxflow has 4900 employeesstat graphic stating spxflow has over 14000 manufactured productsgraphic stating spxflow has over 403 patents