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Charlotte Design agency, Control Advertising offers graphic designer services lead by Highly experienced, award winning graphic designers. All projects are designed with intent in mind, where a projects success if determined by ROI and impact on a clients customer base.

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Advertising Design <

Highly Experienced and awarded advertising graphic designers based in Charlotte, NC. With years of experience, and a proven analytical track record of success, we design ads to sell.

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Presentation Design <

Our graphic designers utilize modern advertising design techniques to draw the viewers attention to important ideas, and make complex ideas easily digestible at a glance.

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Collateral Design <

With years of experience designing large scale sales materials, our graphic designers design sales collateral that offers the reader insight into the clients brand itself.

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Charlotte, NC's Leading Graphic Designer

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Compelling art direction coupled with exacting graphic design can lead marketing strategies to preform far better and well beyond the initial stigma graphic design work gets of "just making things look cool." Graphic designers are essential to any and every overall marketing strategy. "94% of consumers will leave a website that has poor graphic design" but "When a brand's messaging is coupled with visual graphics, consumers will retain 55% more information than they would have with text alone." While "Social media posts that feature custom graphics deliver a 650% higher engagement rate than plain-text posts." Our Charlotte based graphic designers specialize in delivering visual content that engages, and leads marketing campaigns to traceable, analytical success.

Control Advertising provides a range of services, end to end, that a typical creative graphic designer agency couldn't provide. With a wealth of experience in building analytics, and traceable results, Control Advertising tracks the success of graphic design projects. Strategically constructing and designing visual content through the use of analytics to reach decisions backed by physical evidence and providing detailed analytics on the success of our graphic designer driven campaigns.

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Why choose our Graphic Design agency

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200+ Successful Graphic Designer Projects

Our creative director, Aidan Eaton, has worked on over 200 graphic designer projects alone. Based in his past experiences at a number of advertising agencies, owning his own advertising agency WiT Group, and Freelance graphic designer projects. Control Advertising works a freelance graphic designer for your company, giving you our direct focus and attention.

Highly awarded and recognized Creative Director

Being recognized for 11 awards in 2020 alone, Aidan Eaton, control advertising's owner and creative director, leads graphic designer projects to make a measurable difference in a client's marketing strategy.

Analytics Driven Graphic Designer

Being based in a growing corporate city like Charlotte, NC, graphic designer projects are often needed to be backed by substantial evidence. Analytics are used not only to decide the art direction taken, but also to prove ROI and value on the graphic designer services provided.

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Graphic design techniques

presentation design

fusing the corporate business world with creative graphic design to capture and convey data, ideas, plans, or direction is invaluable in business communications. Control Advertising's charlotte graphic designer services are the perfect fit for projects like these.

infographic Design

Converting information to design is a defining capability of our graphic designer services. Control Advertising works closely with analytics in the prinicples of our work, converting data to easy to digest visual content is second nature to our graphic designers.

Typography Design

Graphic designers at Charlotte, NC's Control Advertising are well versed in the construction of typefaces. Our graphic designers can confidently combine primary and secondary typefaces, and can accurately create fonts from scratch.

Advertising Design

Creative advertising relies solely on the ability and creativity of the graphic designer. Our charlotte based graphic designers are deeply experienced in creating inspired, emotionally evoking advertising.

Collateral Design

Control Advertising's collateral graphic design services are constructed to understand the client and the target market to develop effective sales booklets or one-pages that are true to the clients brand and actively engage the customer.

Poster Design

Graphic design for posters is all about fostering an immediate connection to the viewer. Our Charlotte based graphic designer services are constructed to develop that connection with the customer through strong design.


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