Creative Logo Design Services

Our creative logo design services are steeped in defining the clients brand simply. Building a connection between a brand and a customer is heavily dependent on the memorability of the brand, with the logo representing the brand itself in its entirety.

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Creative Logo Designs <

Our creative logo designers based in Charlotte, NC, have designed hundreds of logos, from small niche businesses to branding highly visible corporate firms.

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Business Card Designs <

All of our creative logo design services come with free business card designs added. We know a large part of rebranding is all of the small changes to print and digital company assets.

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Branding kit Design <

With all of our creative logo design services, we hand over the logo in a fully realized branding kit, detailing the minutiae of a brand, including the typefaces, colors, and styling.

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Charlotte NC's Creative Logo Design Studio

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Developing a logo is a complex process, but developing the perfect logo to represent a company while also appealing to their primary customer base is far more difficult. At Control Advertising we start the creative logo design service by firstly understanding the client and the customer base fully. The our leading creative logo designers begin to design taking consideration for many different design principles, including:Color, Font, Imagery, Readability, F vs. Z Pattern, Negative Space, And typography; all factors that heavily effect logo design.

Logos are essential to building a brand, humans process images much more quickly than words (60,000 times faster to be exact), which is why many businesses choose a visual branded logos. Don’t settle when it comes to logo design as this is the image customers will instantly recognize and grow to trust. Our team works carefully to identify the differentiating features of each client’s brand and translate them into a breathtaking, memorable design.

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Our Creative Logo Design Services

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Experienced Creative Logo Design

Having designed ten's of logos Control Advertising is well versed in delivering effective, and inspired logo designs. Ranging from small local Charlotte logo designs to highly visible corporate brand overhauls.

Brand Design and Construction

Designing a logo is a small part of developing an much larger brand. Establishing a brand relies on consistent imagery and brand voice development. Control Advertising has well over 7+ years of branding experience for clients, small and large.

Brand Guidelines and Logo Kit

With every logo delivered, Control Advertising includes a brief of brand guidelines and an extensive folder of the separate versions of the designed logo and alternate file types of each variation.

Selecing Compatiable Typefaces

Establishing typefaces is vital to keeping a consistent brand look and presence. Choosing compatible typefaces is vital to the construction of a brand as the types chosen will be present in any and all business collateral and design work.

Logo Built For all mediums

Our creative logo design services are constructed to deliver a logo that can beautifully fit on any medium. From billboards to business cards, Our creative logo designers build logos to fit any medium a client could possibly need.

Free Additions to a Creative Logo Design


Stylescapes are offered as a free addition to the any creative logo design project. A styleguide is a focused panel of design elements and ideas that make up the brand look, offering insight into our thought process when designing a clients logo.

Business Card Design

Added to any logo design project, Control Advertising will add in a free business card design as well. With a new brand, a new business card will be the first item to establish the new branding.

sheets of creative logos designed by control advertising


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