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SEO is a complex and detailed process. often taking weeks to see results after detailed research and analysis. Our Charlotte SEO consultant services are designed to provide clients with traceable return on investment on a monthly basis. The Control Advertising SEO Consulting services develops client sites, and can help bridge information and analytic gaps.

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50+ SEO Audits <

Our Charlotte, NC, based SEO consulting services start with our SEO professionals deeply analyzing the content of a clients website for points of improvement.

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50+ Published Articles <

Our SEO professionals, have written a well over 50 articles across the web dedicated to the processes of improving SEO. From Forbes to Hunt-Scanlon our articles are widely available.

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guaranteed SEO Improvement<

Our SEO consulting services are designed to provide traceable success to our clients. We accurately track analytics to throughout our consultancy to track any changes in SEO.

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SEO consultant based in charlotte nc

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A great product that no one knows about is worthless, SEO and lead generation is designed to get more eyes on your product. Our SEO consultation services are based on optimizing a clients website for search and engaging content. Content is vital, and the structure of content on a clients website must be specific organized to best meet expectations of search engines.

On the front-end of the website, a website needs optimized content, based on vital industry-centric keywords, an organized header hierarchy, and a site structure focused around a clients services. Any misstep in the construction of these elements could have disastrous site wide effects on rankings.

On the back end of the website, adding in the finer details to every asset that goes on the site is important. Writing meta tags, alt descriptions, and properly naming files is all vital to consistent SEO strategy. Skipping over these details has a larger effect the larger the site is. Control Advertising offers consulting services as SEO work on mid to large scale sites can be a massive undertaking, in conduting keyword research, writing net new content, and repathing the site can all take extensive amounts of time.

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Why Choose Our seo consulting Services

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Experienced SEO LEADer

The Creative Director and owner of Control Advertising, Aidan Eaton, is a leading SEO specialist, with traceable results at a number of national and global corporations. Aidan Eaton was also previously an owner of an award winning Charlotte digital advertising firm.

Trusted By Global Brands

Our Charlotte SEO consultants have worked with national and global brands to drive trackable imbound leader generation improvements. From SPX FLOW to Best Mattress, our SEO consultanting services are constructed for both small and large businesses.

Google Analytics Certified

Google analytics, tag manager, and search console are directly necessary to tracking digital sales, leads, and customer experience. Our Charlotte SEO consultants are google analytics certified with extensive experience in analytic, and setting custom tracking variables in google tag manager.

100+ Published Articles

Control Advertising Creative Director has published well over 100+ articles, including blog post and white papers specifically written to develop the content driven SEO of clients websites. Aidan Eaton also wrote "Data Dissonance In Talent Aquisition" a white paper written to guide and critique the old digital practices in the HR industry, pushing to revloutionize the industry with better analytics thus a better customer experience.

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