Corporate Website Redesign Services

Control Advertising small and large scale website redesign services lead by Highly experienced, award winning designers. Our website redesign services are developed to establish a stronger digital presence and customer experience for a clients customer base.

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SEO Website Redesign <

Our creative director and founder Aidan Eaton is a globally recognized SEO leader, winning multiple awards and writing numerous articles on redesigning websites for better SEO.

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Intergrating Analytics <

Our website redesign team is well versed in the setup and integration of analytics into the backend of clients new websites. Our website redesign services include this for free.

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Eccomerce web design <

With large scale, highly visible ecommerce website redesigns, our website redesign team has high level experience in redesigning websites with thousands of products.

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Website Redesign Strategy for SEO 

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Developing stunning websites starts with intelligent design, at our Charlotte based, website redesign studio. Control Advertising's web and UI designers are well versed in the visual needs of a SEO optimized website. Designing space for content, a consistent header hierarchy, and a easily navigable user experience are all vital to the success of any website launch. Our agency develops responsive, high-quality, creative websites that seamlessly guide target audiences through the consumer journey. Every aspect of our web development services is strategically designed to assist in helping our clients reach their overarching business objectives.

Control Advertising's approach to website redesign and design projects focuses on the functionality of the sites we work on. Developiong responsive sites that are consistent across differing screen sizes and mobile devices. Merging responsiveness with creativity leads to the creation of beautiful websites that excel in both form and function.

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Our Website Redesign services

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Detailed Website redesign strategy

Our website redesign strategy starts with understanding the client and defining their unique optimal customer path. Then our website redesign specialist set specific analytics to track project success and the minimizing of pain points.

website redesign for ecommerce

Both corporate website redesigns and small-business website redesigns need specific care to develop a successful eCommerce website. Balancing SEO best practices and UI/UX ease of use is vital to a competent eCommerce website redesign.

Integrated Website Analytics

Control Advertising excels in the implementation of complex analytics into large and small scale websites. As part of our website redesign services, we install detailed analytics into your digital presence to track all factors of success needed for your business.

Website Redesign SEO

Inbound lead generation strategies are based largely on SEO. The creative director and owner of Control Advertising is a leading SEO specialist who is trusted by a number of global corporations; and has been recognized extensively for his work in lead generation.

Customer Journey Tracking

By combining analytics and setting clear customer path objectives. our website redesign specialist can track the points in which digital customers reach in the digital sales process and at what points customers are falling off the sales funnel.

Types of Services

SEO audit and Website Redesign

With request a Control Advertising's website redesign specialist will provide a concise audit of a clients site detailing all of the current and potential missteps in SEO, and plan steps to correct the issues and help increase the clients overall site visibility in search.

Small Business Website Redesign

With a depth of experience in redesigning websites for small businesses in Charlotte, NC, Control Advertising knows what it takes to redesign a small site to be effective, fast, and easy to update. Implementing local SEO in addition to a general small business website redesign can be a vital part to a lead generation strategy.

Corporate Website Redesign

Corporate website redesigns are typically large-scale projects consisting of 100+ page redesigns. Corporate website redesigns require an intense level of planning and organization. From rewriting new content for SEO, to developing the site with Atomic design in mind to make full site edits easy and accessible. While daunting in scale, corporate website redesign projects are highly valuable can re-ignite a brand.


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